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  • Easy to grasph lessons 
  • Least time to complete - 1.5 Hours
  • World's most afforable film course
  • Savings on DSLR, Camera Expensive Editing Software, Gear, etc
  • Lifetime support
  • Hosting students content for global viewership and social media following
  • Community feature
  • "Journey to Excellence Programme" - Handholding till student masters filming
  • Students automatically get enrolled for future Global Film Projects - Travel, Short, Feature Film
  • One stop shop solution




  • Only few
  • Only few




I have taken so many courses, nothing comes even close to this Masterclass. Brilliant job…


This is going to empower the whole world and re-define cinema forever. i’m speechless … Moussab 


You have literally saved me thousands of dollars and tons of time; I am now planning to shoot my travel film. Thank you so much… Mehr 




A course that most Kenyan colleges offer it for 2 to 3 years, it has been simplified to a week course even if someone is too slow to understand….every step has been explained in the most simple way to understand….your efforts are appreciated. Ella 

Course Content

  • Chapter - 1 : Introduction

    Purpose of this Masterclass.
    80/20 Rule
    Why you need a guide for filmmaking
    Who is this Course for?
    Ultimate Gain - Get featured on Travel Channel

  • Chapter - 2 : Process of Filming

    What is Filming?
    5 Steps of filming.

  • Chapter - 3 : Planning

    Steps in planning
    5 minutes to plan your shoot
    Illustration with a case study

  • Chapter - 4 : Cinematic Gear

    Smartphone choices
    Most economical Microphones with studio-like output
    Add on Lenses
    Best options for tripods, gimbals, POV cameras,phone rigs

  • Chapter - 5 : Secrets of Cinematic Footage

    List of Hollywood movies shot on iPhone
    "MOCA", the secret of cinematic footage
    MOCA Illustarted

  • Chapter - 6 : Concepts & Definitions

    Structure of camera.
    Lens, Aperture, Shutter and Image sensor
    How to control exposure
    Depth of Field (DOF)
    Defintions and terms used in cinema

  • Chapter - 7 : Cinematic Settings

    Understand Resolution and formats used in modern cinema
    Aspect ratio, Frame rate and shutter speed
    APP used by Hollywood Movies
    Hollywood Camera settings

  • Chapter - 8 : Composition

    Understand composition and its importance in cinema
    Different types of composition used in cinema
    Application for travel videos

  • Chapter - 9 : Magic of Blurry Images

    Difference between a pro and an amateur
    How to get Depth in a image
    Concept of BOKEH used in cinematic shooting
    How to get BOKEH with smartphone

  • Chapter - 10 : Lighting

    Understand Golden Hour & Blue Hour
    How to shoot during day and night time.
    Tips for low light
    Colour temperature and Kelvin Scale

  • Chapter - 11 : Cinematic Camera Movements

    Why camera movement matters in cinema.
    Types of camera movements
    Application guide

  • Chapter - 12 : Camera Shots & Angles

    Types of different camera shots and angles.
    Application guide

  • Chapter - 13 : Cinematic Motion

    Timelapse, hyperlapse, graded motion and slow motion

  • Chapter - 14 : Location Guide

    Location specific tips
    Indoors and outdoor locations guide

  • Chapter - 15 : Signature Elements

    What are Signature Elements
    Commonly used Signature Elements
    Where to use them

  • Chapter - 16 : Blending Pictures

    Blending Pictures

  • Chapter - 17 : Intro & Endings

    Why Intro is most important
    Rule of 1 and 2 seconds
    Most important Intro scenes
    How to End your video
    "Secret" Structure of Film to Shock your audience

  • Chapter - 18 : Editing on Smartphone

    You dont need complex editing software like FCP, PP,etc
    Process of Editing
    Best APPs for Editing on Smartphone

  • Chapter - 19 : Audio

    Types of Audio used in Filming
    FREE & Paid Version
    How to record in Post-Production for "Crystal Clear" quality

  • Chapter - 20 : Power of Colour

    Psychology of Colour
    Colour Wheel - Cool & Warm Colours
    How to get Hollywood like look for your videos

  • Chapter - 21 : Case Studies

    Options for Video Stories
    Structure of Video Story

  • Chapter - 22 : Safety

    Stakeholders during shoot and their safety
    Safety checklist

  • Chapter - 23 : A chance to be featured globally

    How to get featured Globally on Travel Channel.
    Travel Ambassador.... Are you game?
    ideas for video stories for submission



Q:  How can I contact you for any pre or post order query?


Q:  Is there any additional fee other than listed here?

This is ONE-TIME Payment with no hidden fee whatsoever. 

Q:  Do I have a Lifetime access to the course?

Yes, you can access the course online for the rest of your life.

Q:  How can I access the course?

You can access the course online using Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or mobile phone.

Q:  Does the course cover the fundamentals of camera like Exposure Triangle(ISO,Aperture & Shutter)?

The course goes much beyond the “Exposure Triangle.” You will learn how to create a movie-like look with some of the most exciting concepts in this course.

Q:  Can I produce video films in genre other than Travel?

The basic concepts in camera and cinema covered are sufficient to produce short movies and documentaries in any genre depending on your level of interest including wedding and corporate movies.

Q:  What are “Global Projects” and how can I particiapte in them.

Film4EVER shall initiate “Global Projects” where in students around the globe regardless of their age and background,  can particate in a collaborative manner to produce short films, documentaries, music videos and even feature films in any genre putting an end to the bureaucracy of  traditional film industry.

Q:  Do you offer support?

Lifetime support is included in the offer and also, you would be part of the Film4EVER private community to exchange ideas and grow yourself in this wonderful journey of filmmaking.

Q: Do I need a "fancy" film footage to get hosted on the
travel channel on YOUTUBE?

You just need to stick to the basics taught in the course and as a common sense your footage needs to avoid unnecessary shakes and noisy recordings. That’s all. Rest assured, we shall never demand any “fancy” film footage for the Travel Channel.